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The Best Ingredients for Face Masks for your Skin

When it comes to the perfect self-care night, there’s nothing better than taking a long shower, putting on some comfy clothes, and doing your favorite face mask. Face masks come in every shape, size, color, type, ingredient, etc., and it can be overwhelming to try and determine which face mask you should use for your specific skin type or concerns. It’s also important to keep an eye out for face masks that may be more harmful than helpful. Below, we’ll explain what ingredients you should look for in a face mask- and also what you should avoid.

If you suffer from acne or have oily skin, look for face masks that contain charcoal or clay, as these ingredients work to dissolve impurities within your pores and help prevent breakouts from happening. Salicylic acid is also a great ingredient for acne-prone or oily skin, as it chemically exfoliates to absorb excess oil and get rid of dead skin. The PCA Skin Purifying Mask has clay, algae, and tea tree oil to purify your pores and keep your skin looking smooth and clear.

If you have dry skin or rosacea, seek out masks that are ultra-hydrating and gentle with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, or shea butter to help rehydrate and restore the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning that it helps to attract and lock in moisture in the skin. This makes it great for rehydrating the skin, and doing that through a face mask can be especially beneficial. Aloe tends to be a great ingredient for inflamed or irritated skin, and it’s soothing properties can make for a helpful face mask for those with rosacea. Shea butter has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins, making it an ideal ingredient for softening the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, making it essential for those with irritated skin. The ClarityRx Daily Fruit Mask is formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, peptides, antioxidants, and a multitude of other vitamins to protect, restore, and hydrate your skin. If you’re in need of a soothing and cooling treatment, try the iS Clinical Hydra Intensive Cooling Masque, made with hyaluronic acid, green tea, aloe vera, and other antioxidants to reinvigorate, refresh, and hydrate irritated skin.

If you’re looking for anti-aging help, look for masks that have antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients, as these help to smooth out fine lines and keep your skin nourished and protected. Vitamin C is great for fading dark spots and protecting the skin against free radicals, while ingredients like collagen and retinol are helpful for preventing future signs of aging. Be sure to hydrate after using these ingredients, as they can make your skin a little dry. The HydroPeptide Polish and Plump Peel Set is ideal for those looking for help with signs of aging- this 2 step peel provides gentle microdermabrasion with a light chemical peel and a facial plumping treatment with peptides and Vitamin C.

If your skin is fairly normal, but you’re looking to help your skin glow, try a mask that uses glycolic acid, as it helps to increase the rate of cell turnover and reveal new, glowing skin. Be sure to also include antioxidants and hydrating ingredients to keep your skin looking its best. For a serious glow, try the Jan Marini Skin Zyme Papaya Mask, with Vitamin E, papaya, and antioxidants to brighten and enhance your complexion for healthy, glowing skin.

When it comes to masking, be sure not to double up on too many ingredients in addition to your skincare routine, and remember that masks containing harsh ingredients should only be used a couple of times a week. Masks are meant to enhance your skincare routine, not make it more difficult. Happy Masking!


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