Inspired by nature and non-genetic influences such as nutrition and lifestyle as ways to improve the skin, Joanna Vargas wants to empower an individual’s own processes and functionality to create beauty inside and out.

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Showing all 13 results

Joanna Vargas Eden Instant Lift Mask (5 Count)

An advanced hydration treatment mask that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and promotes the youthful vitality of the skin.

About the Brand

Best known as a celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas is a world renowned skincare expert and esthetician. With clinically proven products and a celebrity clientele, the Joanna Vargas brand is known for its results-driven products and treatments.


Is Joanna Vargas cruelty-free?
Joanna Vargas is cruelty-free.
Is Joanna Vargas vegan?
The only Joanna Vargas product that is not 100% vegan is the Daily Hydrating Cream because it is formulated with beeswax.
How do I use the Joanna Vargas Glow Wand?
Use after applying a serum or oil to the skin. Choose which setting you want based on the skin concern and apply the wand to the skin for the entire treatment time, which is usually around 3 minutes long.
How do I use the Joanna Vargas cloud bar?
Use the Cloud Bar on your face and body as needed.
Who is Joanna Vargas?
Joanna Vargas is a celebrity esthetician famous for her facials and line of luxury, medical grade skincare products.
What celebrities use Joanna Vargas?
Joanna Vargas' clients include celebrities such as Constance Wu, Mindy Kaling and Elizabeth Moss.
How do you use the Joanna Vargas rescue serum?
Apply one to two pumps of Rescue Serum onto clean skin and massage arround your face and neck. Use daily for best results.