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Do Silicone Patches Really Work for Wrinkles?

When it comes to wrinkles, it can feel like nothing will work to help reduce signs of aging. Your wrinkles or fine lines might be deep-set, or just aren’t responding to skincare products like retinol. Before you run to other alternatives, consider one last option: silicone.

You heard that right. Silicone patches, while less known than ingredients like retinol, are just as effective in helping to fade the appearance of aging on the skin. These patches can be found in all shapes and sizes and can be used on different areas of your skin, like your neck or decollete.

How do these patches work, exactly?

Basically, each of these patches is made from medical-grade silicone, which creates the perfect environment to retain moisture in the skin. It doesn’t allow outside air to get to the skin, and actually draws up moisture from the skin, creating a plumping effect in the affected area. It also increases blood flow to the spot, which boosts the production of collagen and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They’re also great if you suffer from skin sensitivity or are currently pregnant, as they’re non-invasive and don’t use ingredients like retinol to clear up wrinkles.

You know how they work, so how do you find them?

A few of our favorite silicone wrinkle brands include Frownies, Wrinkles Schminkles, and Silc Skin. Each one carries different shapes and sizes of silicone patches, but they’re all great options if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quickly and without injectibles or retinol.

Silc Skin offers patches for your decollete, your neck, your eye area, your brows, and patches for all around your face. Their patches are made using a platinum curing process, making them more durable and longer-lasting. They’re hypoallergenic and clinically tested to be safe for all skin types.




Frownies has patches for your forehead, eye area, mouth area, and lip area. For newly-formed wrinkles, the use of Frownies patches can yield results in as little as three to five nights. Deeper-set wrinkles will take longer to see results. These patches can be used on all skin types.




It’s recommended that you start by cleansing and drying your face thoroughly. You’ll want to skip your typical skincare products in any areas that you’re planning to apply the patches, as it may affect how well the patches stick on your skin. Leave the patches on overnight and remove in the morning to smoother, softer skin!

So, do they actually work for wrinkles?

The short answer is yes. With consistent use of any of these silicone patches, you’ll see an improvement in the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives and without any unnecessary irritation.

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