Frownies were created to soften and fade signs of aging for all generations.

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Showing all 7 results

About the Brand

Sometimes called wrinkle tape, wrinkle stickers or wrinkle strips, Frownies wrinkle-smoothing patches are made to be worn at night to smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles by utilizing only natural and organic ingredients to hold the creases in our skin in place at night to promote muscle memory and fade the lines over time.


Is Frownies vegan?
Frownies products are vegan friendly
Is Frownies cruelty-free?
Frownies products are cruelty-free
How do I use Frownies Facial Patches?
Separate the facial patches by tearing along the perforated parts of the facial patch. Massage the area of your face that you'll be applying the patch after applying moisturizer and letting it absorb into the skin. Moisten the adhesive of the Frownies facial patch using the Frownies rose water spray, letting it absorb for several seconds. Apply the patch to the area of your face you want it to go onto, massaging it onto your skin with your fingers. Leave the patch on overnight and soak it in the morning to remove the adhesive
What is the active ingredient in Frownies?
There are no active ingredients in Frownies facial patches. The patches work to trigger a muscular response that addresses fine lines and wrinkles, similar to how a splint or physical therapy tape would help to soothe or adjust muscles
How often should I use Frownies?
Frownies recommends that users use the patches nightly for 4 weeks for best results
Do Frownies really work?
Frownies are not clinically formulated to permanently address fine lines and wrinkles, but they do alleviate the signs of fine lines and wrinkles temporarily with regular use
Do Frownies work as well as Botox?
Frownies are a great over the counter alternative to Botox, but address the presence of fine lines and wrinkles differently
How long should I leave Frownies on?
We recommend that you leave Frownies patches on for at least three hours, but overnight for best results
Which Frownies product is best for me?
Use Frownies forehead patches for forehead wrinkles, under eye patches for the eye area, lip patches for the lip area and the facial patches for the corners of the eyes and mouth area