Unsun Cosmetics was founded after frustration at the lack of clean sunscreen options for women of color.

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About the Brand

Unsun Cosmetics prides itself on creating clean, no-residue sunscreen options that are as good for the user as it is for the environment. The company's line includes tinted sunscreen options for all skin tones that are safe, effective, and look great. The brand was founded by a woman of color that was tired of not being able to find quality SPF products that both met her needs in terms of being reef-safe and not leaving a white residue on darker skin tones.


Does Unsun leave residue?
Unsun was created by a woman of color after its founder was tired of not being able to find sunscreen products that wouldn't leave a residue on darker skin tones. The products do not leave a residue and are designed for use on darker skin.
Is Unsun safe for children?
Unsun cosmetics are safe for children, though DermWarehouse only carries the tinted SPF which may not be best for children.
Can I use Unsun while pregnant or nursing?
We recommend speaking with your doctor before adding any active ingredients to your skincare routine.
Is Unsun reef-safe?
Unsun is reef-safe.
Is Unsun cruelty-free?
Unsun is cruelty-free.