Simris is a wellness company out of Sweden that creates state of the art and plant based pure Omega-3’s.

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Showing all 3 results

About the Brand

Omega 3’s are important supplements that the body needs for both emotional and physical health. Simris’ focus is to harness the Omega-3’s that are essential to human health without hurting the planet. Simris is the only Omega-3 brand on the market to grow their own microalgae, which can be found in their supplements created for the everyday user, athletes and mothers.


Is Simris vegan?
All three Simris products are vegan.
Is Simris cruelty-free?
Simris is cruelty-free.
Where is Simris from?
Simris is from Hammenhög, a small village on the coast of Sweden.
What kind of Algae does Simris make?
Simris farms a microalgae known as diatoms, which are microscopic but filled with nutrients and minerals.
Are there different types of Omega-3s?
There are three main types of Omega-3s that are essential to a healthy diet. EPA, DHA and ALA are the three types, and all three can be found in the algae used to make Simris capsules.
Can I use Simris if I am pregnant or nursing?
We recommend using Simris Algae Omega-3 for Mothers, but we always recommend checking with your doctor before adding any supplements or products to your skin, hair or health routine.