Neova Smart Skincare is a brand dedicated to research and scientific discovery on all conditions relating to photo damage or photo aging.

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Showing all 5 results

About the Brand

Neova's repairing solutions have set the standard for the defense, protection and alleviation of visible evidence of damaged skin. Its products include Neova DNA repair enzymes, copper peptide complexes, powerful antioxidants and DNA repair sunscreens. In 2016, Neova's formula was patented for its demonstration of effective treatment of photo damaged skin.


What does Tricomin do?
Tricomin is a Triamino Copper Complex®, formulated to help nourish hair to boost hair health. The patented blend of peptides, copper and amino acids help to revitalize hair and make it look and feel healtheir.
Is Neova tested on animals?
Neova products are not tested on animals.
When should I use Neova moisturizer?
We recommend applying products like the Neova Smart Moisture Daily Defense each morning after cleansing and applying toners and serums. Moisturizers formulated for use at night should be applied each night after cleansing and applying toners and serums.
Is Neova good for dry skin?
Neova Daily Moisture Rescue, Night Therapy, Overnight Repair and Multi-Active Day Cream are formulated to alleviate dry skin. You can also select "Dryness" as a skin concern in the filter on the left hand side of the brand page.
Is Neova good for oily skin?
The Neova Radiant Wash is formulated to alleviate oily skin.
Is Neova SPF reef safe?
Neova SPF is coral reef safe.