The JUARA line is based on the Indonesian JAMU tradition – which is an ancient herbal medicinal tradition that uses specific natural ingredients to treat specific skin and health issues. JUARA products are especially formulated to be gentle to treat even the most sensitive skin. They are dermatologist-tested and do not contain any harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, nor any animal products.

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Juara Candlenut Body Creme (7.5 OZ.)

5.0 / 5.0
A hydrating cream for all skin types.

Juara Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum (1 OZ.)

5.0 / 5.0
An oil-free and fragrance-free anti-aging serum for all skin types.

JUARA Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner (3.3 OZ.)

5.0 / 5.0
An alcohol-free, oil-free, fragrance-free hydrating toner that calms and softens skin.

Juara Radiance Enzyme Scrub (2.5 FL. OZ.)

A gentle 2-in-1 facial scrub and enzymatic peel for all skin types.

Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub (8 OZ.)

An energizing coffee-scented exfoliating and cleansing scrub.

Juara Kartini Body Oil (4 FL. OZ)

An ultra-light body oil that will leave you with brighter, firmer, more hydrated skin.

Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask (2.5 FL. OZ.)

A silky-smooth, non-hardening treatment mask for radiant skin.

Juara Candlenut Body Polish (7.5 OZ.)

A soap-free polish that exfoliates and hydrates skin.

Juara Java Plum Avocado Nourishing Mask (2.5 OZ.)

$38.00 $30.40
A rich hydrating mask that deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin to help soothe and plump for a soft, dewy glow.

Juara Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer (1.7 FL. OZ.)

An oil-free moisturizer that minimizes the look of pores and reduces the signs of aging and shine.

Juara Radiance Vitality Oil (1 FL. OZ.)

A botanical youth elixir that provides powerful antioxidant protection while addressing all signs of aging.