Fur believes in natural and beautiful care for every part of the body and for every body. All of their products are created with the cleanest non-toxic ingredients that are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested. All of their products are formulated with high-quality ingredients safe enough for even your most sensitive areas. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free and are used to soothe and smooth the skin, treat and prevent ingrown hairs and soften the hair. Keep your entire body smooth and hydrated with Fur’s gentle formulas.

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Fur Ingrown Concentrate (0.5 OZ.)

A soothing oil that banishes ingrown hair and redness.

Fur Oil (2.5 OZ.)

A lightweight body oil that gently softens hair and prevents ingrowns.

Fur Stubble Cream (5 OZ.)

An all-over body moisturizer that softens body hair and prevents irritation.

Fur Silk Scrub (6 OZ.)

$48.00 $38.40
An exfoliating scrub gentle enough for use after hair removal.