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How to Pick the Right Supplements for your Beauty Routine

Beauty Supplements

When it comes to your beauty routine, you may be overwhelmed with all of the potential cleansers, serums, masks, tools, and other products out there. There are all sorts of different skin care and beauty claims and promises when it comes to product use, but many people often forget that what you put inside your body is just as important as what you apply to the outside. Yes, it’s important to wash your face daily, use moisturizer, and use SPF, but skin care also involves taking care of your body as a whole. This includes drinking plenty of water every day, yes, more than you’d think! It also includes fueling your body with a balanced diet, including fruits, veggies, and yes, healthy carbs to fuel your body and help it repair itself. Although you may be eating healthy, exercising regularly, and drinking plenty of water, sometimes our bodies need a little bit of extra help if we’re deficient somewhere. This is where supplements come in.

What are supplements, and what do they do?

Supplements, also referred to as vitamins, can consist of capsules, gummies, powders, or liquids that contain concentrated ingredients that may be beneficial to your skin, hair, nails, or overall bodily health. You may have been instructed to take an iron supplement, a probiotic, or even Vitamin C if you’re feeling a little under the weather. These supplements may help boost your health if you have a nutritional deficiency, or expand the benefits of vitamins already present in your body. When it comes to beauty, supplements may help to smooth your skin, nourish your hair, increase your energy, uplift your mood, etc.

What supplements should I use?

Depending on your concern, there are supplements out there that you can try to help enhance your routine. It’s important to note that you should speak with your doctor before starting any supplements if you have any serious concerns. Additionally, supplements are not a cure for many illnesses, simply a supplemental helper (hence the term supplement!) Speak with a licensed health care professional if you have any concerns whatsoever.


Acne is an extremely complicated and sometimes frustrating condition. It can be caused by genetics, hormones, life changes, or just simply a misunderstanding somewhere in your skincare routine. In the case of acne, you may not be able to solve all of your problems with a good supplement, but they can certainly help. My favorite supplements for acne include the Perricone MD Skin Clear Supplements and HUM Nutrition Skin Squad Pre + Probiotic. The HUM Nutrition supplement is formulated with probiotics and prebiotics to balance gut health, which has a direct correlation to your skin health. Perricone MD’s Skin Clear supplement has powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, biotin, and other ingredients that encourage a healthy immune system and clear, healthy skin. For more help with acne, check out this blog: Skin Care Regimen for Acne Prone Skin


Anti-aging efforts can come from all around, including topical skin care, eating right, getting enough exercise, and taking care of your body. Supplements can help enhance your body’s processes and natural ability to heal itself, thus helping to fight signs of aging and keep your body at its healthiest. My favorite supplements that contribute to anti-aging efforts include ELON Skin Anew, which is formulated with hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, grape seed extract, and biotin to provide your skin with nutrients it needs to heal. HUM Nutrition Collagen Love, HUM Nutrition Turn Back Time, and HUM Nutrition Arctic Repair are all great supplements for promoting anti-aging. Collagen Love promotes the natural production of collagen, which helps firm and smooth the skin. Turn Back Time protects the skin from sun damage and promotes repair of skin cells, leading to less wrinkles and dark spots. Finally, Arctic Repair contains lingonberry seed oil, clinically proven to help reduce signs of aging and promotes healthy skin. Learn more about what collagen does for your skin in this blog: The Benefits of Collagen For Your Skin


Sometimes life can get so crazy and busy that it feels like you have a million things to get done and not enough time to do it. Or you may be suffering from anxiety in your daily life, and it’s taking a toll on your overall health. Increasing your mood and lessening your stress and anxiety takes a lot of work, including prioritizing, taking time to relax, and taking care of your body as a whole. Supplements can help get the body the nutrients it needs, and promote relaxation or energy when needed. Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements are great at providing the extra vitamins your body may need through Omega 3, helping to support a healthier body and mind. HUM Nutrition Uber Energy is formulated with L-tyrosine + B vitamins to support cognitive function and encourages energy and productiveness. HUM Nutrition Big Chill helps to balance out stress levels and promotes a calmer, more relaxed mood.

Hair Growth:

Whether it’s stress, poor hygiene, or a medical condition, if you’re noticing hair loss, it can be frustrating. The cause of thinning hair can be complicated, and it may not always be easy to figure out. It’s always best to talk to your dermatologist if you’re unsure of the cause of your hair loss, but if you’re looking to supplement treatment or you just want to grow out your locks, supplements can help. My favorites include many of ELON’s offerings, including ELON Gummy Hair Vitamin, ELON Matrix 5,000, and  Complete ELON Matrix 5,000. The Matrix 5,000 is formulated specifically for those experiencing thinning hair or hair loss and helps to promote hair growth. The Complete Matrix 5,000 does the same thing, except it also works as a multi-vitamin all in one. The Gummy Hair Vitamin is similar to the other two, but in a gummy format! Lastly, the HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair supplement promotes strong, healthy hair with biotin and folic acid. For more recommendations on hair loss, read this blog: Best Products for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss


You have probably heard from your doctor, family, friends, and pretty much everyone else that taking a multivitamin is important. They’re not wrong! Multivitamins help provide your body with necessary nutrients that you may be lacking or not getting from your meals. It’s recommended for everyone to take a multivitamin, regardless of any conditions, to keep your body healthy. The Perricone MD Super Greens Supplement Powder is a great-tasting green drink powder that provides an instant boost of nutrition for the body.


Sleep-it’s such an important part of our lives, and can really make or break your overall health. Your body needs sleep to repair itself and rest. When you don’t get enough sleep, your entire body can suffer, from your skin to your muscles to your brain. If you’re struggling to sleep, try to set up a calming night routine, and consider trying a supplement like the HUM Nutrition Beauty zZzz. This nighttime supplement has melatonin and Vitamin B6 to promote calm, restful sleep throughout the night and balance your internal clock.


For many, the nails often get neglected compared to the rest of the body. You may bite them when you’re nervous, or you may get them done every few weeks at the salon. Either way, your nails require just as much TLC as the rest of your body. This means grooming them when necessary, keeping them clean, and eating a balanced diet to keep them strong and healthy. You can also add in a supplement to your routine to help your nails grow strong, including the ELON Matrix Plus and HUM Nutrition Killer Nails. ELON’s Matrix Plus is created specifically for brittle, damaged nails, helping to strengthen them and help them grow. Similarly, HUM’s Killer Nails contains a high-potency biotin formula that strengthens nails and helps promote healthy growth. Check out our blog How to Heal Brittle and Broken Nails with Londontown for more information on healing brittle nails!

No matter what you’re looking to supplement in your routine, make sure you’re always talking with your doctor if you have any concerns. In addition to supplements, make sure you’re taking care of your body as a whole and taking steps to care for your mind and health!


About Dr. Alan J. Parks

Dr. Alan Parks is a board certified dermatologist. Dr. Parks founded his practice, Eastside Dermatology, in 1986 and has been practicing there ever since. In 2016 Dr. Parks launched DermWarehouse, an eCommerce website selling professional strength skin care products to customers across the United States.

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