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Best Products for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

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You’ll probably notice it as you’re cleaning the house on a Sunday; the drains, the floor or even the laundry might be scattered with hair lost throughout the day and week. Your first thought might be “yuck,” but in reality, shedding some hair throughout the day is completely natural. We actually lose close to 80 strands a day, whether that’s in the shower, brushing our hair or simply just going about your day. It’s when you begin to notice an excessive amount of hair falling out during the day that there could potentially be a problem with hair thinning.

Don’t panic just yet! There are many reasons why you might be noticing an increase in your locks lost. Hair loss during some part of your life is fairly common, especially for women. Let’s dive into the potential causes of hair loss first. There are two different types of hair loss in general, genetic and reactive. Some causes of hair loss are genetically predisposed in your family, and some are triggered by an event or activity going on in your life. Let’s look at a couple of possible causes for thinning hair:

Hair Tools or Treatments: Tools like straighteners, curlers and blow dryers that we use on our hair use pretty intense heat to achieve the desired look on your locks. When used consistently or on an extremely high heat setting, your hair can dry out over time, leading to breakage and an increased likelihood that your hair could fall out.

Hormonal Imbalance: Throughout your life, your hormones can be in flux constantly, whether you go through pregnancy, a medical condition or simply life changes, varying levels of hormones can affect your hair, sometimes causing it to thin or fall out.

Stress: We will all probably experience some type of stressful event in our lives, whether it’s a family emergency, a medical issue, a career change, etc. After you experience an overly stressful trigger in your life outside of your normal day-to-day stress, you might see a change in the thickness of your hair or notice it falling out in clumps. There are a couple of different types of hair loss situations associated with high stress. The first is called Telogen effluvium, in which stress forces your hair follicles into a “resting phase,” which over time can lead to hair thinning. Another type is called alopecia areata, where the body’s immune system attacks your hair follicles under times of severe stress.

Thyroid Concerns: Your thyroid is responsible for many of your body’s functions, including your metabolism, growth and hormone release. There are usually two conditions associated with the thyroid; hypothyroidism, where you have an under-active thyroid, and hyperthyroidism, where you have an overactive thyroid. When your thyroid is out of wack, it can affect multiple processes in your body, including hair growth.

Vitamin Deficiencies: Your body needs tons of different vitamins and minerals to perform essential functions, many of which are made naturally. However, sometimes, your body might face a deficiency in a vitamin or two and require a little help. Lacking essential vitamins, such as Vitamin D and iron, can affect your body’s processes and consequently, hair growth.

Going through a change in the consistency of your hair can be stressful or scary, but the good news is that there are often things you can do to aid in hair growth.  Adding vitamins or supplements into your daily routine, like ELON R3 Extra Strength Tabs, can help aid in restoring your natural hair growth process. These supplements are rich in Biotin, Fish Collagen Peptides, Silicone Dioxide and L-Cyesteine to help revitalize and restore thinning hair. There’s also the option of adding in hair products and treatments to help stimulate hair growth. ELON offers three different hair systems for thinning hair depending on the stage you’re in. The first, ELON Thinning Hair System- Early Stage is a three-step system designed the help combat the early stages of hair loss and thinning and help to promote growth. It includes a scalp cleanser, leave-in treatment and daily supplements to provide the ideal base to restart your hair growth. The ELON Thinning Hair System- Advanced Stage is a set designed to help with later stage hair loss. It includes a scalp cleanser, concentrated serum and R3 Extra Strength tablets. For complete hair rejuvenation, the ELON Thinning Hair System- Maintenance Stage contains a moisture therapy shampoo, conditioner and Matrix 5,000 tablets for healthy hair.  You can also try out the ReTress Hair Rejuvenation Kit, which includes the shampoo, conditioner, serum and supplements. All of these products were given to participants in a 16-week clinical study, in which 95 percent of women had significant or moderate hair density improvement using this system. Another great option is the Virtue Scalp & Hair Treatment Kit, which preserves the hair and scalp’s health and strength.

No matter what troubles you’re facing with your luscious locks, remember to take care of your health first and look into any possible causes of hair loss. Check-in with your doctors and your dermatologist, and feel free to reach out with any product questions or general concerns!

About Dr. Alan J. Parks

Dr. Alan Parks is a board certified dermatologist. Dr. Parks founded his practice, Eastside Dermatology, in 1986 and has been practicing there ever since. In 2016 Dr. Parks launched DermWarehouse, an eCommerce website selling professional strength skin care products to customers across the United States.

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