The mission of ReVive Light Therapy is to provide access to innovative devices with the highest level of efficacy across three different pillars: anti-aging, acne and wellness.

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About the Brand

Light energy, when applied to tissue, results in increased synthesis of necessary cells that are essential for tissue repair, cellular regeneration and pain control. All ReVive Light Therapy devices are FDA cleared and clinically proven to be effective for anti-aging, acne, pain management and recovery. The devices use LED light to target and treat areas of the skin. Read more about how ReVive Light Therapy devices work on OUR BLOG.


What does ReVive Light Therapy do?
ReVive Light Therapy uses FDA-clearned red light therapy to address wrinkles and signs of aging.
How long does it take to see results with ReVive Light Therapy?
We recommend using the product regularly for 3 months before expecting to see results.
How does LED light therapy work?
LED light therapy works to increase collagen production in the skin through what is called fibroblasts.
Can I use LED light therapy on sagging skin?
Red light therapy is designed to address signs of aging, from wrinkles and fine lines to sagging skin.
Will LED light therapy fix wrinkles and fine lines?
Yes, LED light therapy is shown to address wrinkles and fine lines.
Will LED light therapy make my skin sensitive?
LED light therapy should not cause skin sensitivity as it does not cause damage to the skin tissue.
Is LED light therapy similar to UV?
No, LED is different from UV in that UV emits harmful ultraviolet radiation.