After suffering from eczema since he was a child, engineer Pat turned to creating his own natural remedy for the irritating and itchy skin condition.

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Showing all 2 results

Pat’s Original Eczema Care Skin-Soothing Cream (4 OZ.)

5.0 / 5.0
An eczema cream that protects and soothes the skin.

Pat’s Eczema Care Pat’s Original Eczema Care To-Go Stick (2.2 OZ.)

Pat's Eczema Care To-Go Stick is a portable, easy-to-use travel option for anyone struggling with eczema.

About the Brand

After trial and error after trial and error, Pat discovered the amazing mixture of rosemary and beeswax and was impressed with the relief he felt over the next few days, and Pat's Eczema Care was born. They believe in going back to the basics and valuing transparency, and they're here to help those who suffer from eczema battle the itch.


Is Pat's Eczema care all natural?
Pat's Eczema Care is made with eight natural ingredients that all function to treat and soothe eczema.
Where does Pat's Eczema Care source its ingredients?
Pat's Eczema Care sources only natural ingredients and is careful about its supply chain. The company does its due diligence to avoid ingredients with chemical additives or potentially harmful processing and all ingredients are from the United States, Spain and Australia.
Does Pat's Eczema Care have nut oils in its formulations?
Pat's Eczema Care does not use ingredients with nut oils, so those with nut allergies are safe to use the products.
How do I use Pat's Eczema Care cream?
Use a dime-sized amount of the cream on your skin 1-3 time per day, or as needed.
Where should I apply Pat's Eczema Care cream?
Apply Pat's Eczema Care Cream on any part of your body that needs it.
Can I use Pat's Eczema Care on babies?
Yes, it can be used on babies.
How long does Pat's Eczema Care last?
We recommend finishing your jar of Pat's Eczema Cream within 24 months after opening.
Can I use Pat's Eczema Care while pregnant or nursing?
We recommend that you speak with your doctor before adding any active ingredients to your skincare routine.