The JUARA line is based on the Indonesian JAMU tradition – which is an ancient herbal medicinal tradition that uses specific natural ingredients to treat specific skin and health issues.

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Showing all 6 results

Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask (2.5 FL. OZ.)

A silky-smooth, non-hardening treatment mask for radiant skin.

About the Brand

JUARA products are especially formulated to be gentle and to treat even the most sensitive skin. They are dermatologist-tested and do not contain any harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, nor any animal products. The brand merges traditions that come from Eastern cultures with Western science to bring botanical formulations to your skincare routine.


Is Juara cruelty-free?
Juara is PETA-certified as cruelty-free.
Is Juara vegan?
Juara products are 100% plant-based.
Where is Juara made?
Juara skincare products are made in the United States.
How long do Juara products last?
We recommend using Juara products within 6-9 months after opening as the products are made with botanical active ingredients that may expire.
Are Juara products all natural?
Juara products are made with natural ingredients.
Do Juara products contain parabens?
Juara products are paraben-free.
Can I use Juara products if I have a nut allergy?
Candlenut oil and Coconut oil are the tree nut oils JUARA uses. Topical nut allergies are not always the same as ingested nut allergies. If you are not sure and still curious, test a little of the product on your inner forearm and check if there is a reaction. It may take some time or multiple exposures before you may know.
Are Juara products gluten free?
Juara products are gluten free, but the company specifies that its products may be processed in facilities that process gluten products.