Indie Lee sources the world’s finest ingredients from nature and marries them with technology available in personal care today.

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Showing all 20 results

About the Brand

Indie Lee's high-performance products are created with ethical choices and without sacrificing safety. Committed to creating change and building a like-minded community, Indie Lee is grounded in nature, supported through science and inspired by life.


Is Indie Lee cruelty free?
All Indie Lee products are certified cruelty-free.
Is Indie Lee vegan?
All Indie Lee products but the Lip Treatment and I-Awaken Eye Serum are vegan.
How does squalane help your skin?
Squalane helps to reduce redness and swelling through its natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Who owns Indie Lee?
Ancora Investment Holdings owns Indie Lee, but the brand was created by Lisa Swengros.
Is Indie Lee clean skincare?
Indie Lee is a clean brand that formulates its products with natural, non-toxic ingredients.
Is squalane natural?
Squalane is a lipid that occurs naturally in plants and animals.
How do I use the Indie Lee sleep soak?
Use the Indie Lee Sleep Soak by dissolving two scoops in a warm bath and relaxing in it for 20 minutes.
Is the Indie Lee deodorant aluminum free?
Indie Lee deodorant is aluminum free.
Will the Indie Lee Radiance Renewal Peel make my skin sensitive?
The Radiance Renewal Peel uses alpha-hydroxy acids and can make your skin feel sensitive or dry if you have either of those skin types.
Is Indie Lee all natural?
Indie Lee products are formulated with natural, clean ingredients.
Is Indie Lee organic?
Indie Lee products are formulated with organic ingredients where possible.