Reviva Labs has one goal: to create safe and effective skin treatments that produce visible results at a reasonable price.

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Showing all 20 results

About the Brand

Reviva Labs uses only the highest quality of ingredients that are both safe and effective, such as collagen and alpha lipoic acid. The company's skincare products are natural and are safe for most skin types and concerns. In Reviva Labs products, safety and efficacy is the company's highest concern, which is why they use the finest natural ingredients and the safest bio-engineered advances. All Reviva Labs products are formulated with safety in mind, making sure each product is safe for all skin types. If any Reviva Labs products are not safe for all skin types, it clearly marks its product packaging to clarify that.


Is Reviva Labs 100% natural?
Reviva Labs prides itself on using a combination of science and nature in its formulations- making sure to create products that are both safe and effective, for all skin types.
What Reviva Labs products are good for acne and blackheads?
For acne and black heads we recommend the Problem Skin Mask, Sea Salt Cleansing Gel, Glycolic Acid Facial Toner, Calming Renewal Serum and Calming Rejuvenation Crème from Reviva Labs
What Reviva Labs products are good for oily or combination skin?
For oily or combination skin, we recommend Reviva Labs Sea Salt Cleansing Gel or Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser, followed by Glycolic Toner. Reviva's Dark Spot Brightening Serum or Adv Retinol Serum and Multi-Factor Brightening Creme or Coconut Charcoal Moisturizing Day Crème are also great products for those with oily or combination skin.
What Reviva Labs products are good for dry skin?
We recommend the Cleansing Milk, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Calming Renewal Serum, Ultra Rich Ultra Light Daytime Moisturizer, Intercell Hyaluronic Day Crème, or the Rose Hibiscus Facial Spray. Reviva Labs Crème Hydratante is great for extra dry skin on the face or other areas of the body- including rough elbows and feet.
Is Reviva Labs cruelty-free?
Yes, Reviva Labs is cruelty-free and has been from the start (nearly 50 years ago)
Is Reviva Labs vegan?
No, not all Reviva Labs products are vegan. Over the years, Reviva has discussed this endlessly. If we’re so close to being vegan, why not simply become a vegan brand? And the answer is simple; it’s not what Reviva Labs is all about. Our brand was created to be a functional treatment skin care line. And that means embracing unique and newer ingredients. Restricting our choices to only vegan-appropriate ingredients would mean sacrificing too much of what makes Reviva Labs’ skin care so effective. That being said, We choose our ingredients very carefully and this means a lot of our products, while not certified vegan by a third-party, would likely meet the guidelines to be vegan. We make very conscientious selections when formulating our products. For example, our glycerin is vegetable based, our squalane is from olives, and the allantoin we use is derived from the comfrey plant or it’s synthetic.