Oxygenetix bridges the gap between makeup and skincare so you no longer have to compromise your skin’s health for beauty.


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About the Brand

Say goodbye to clogged pores, and hello to a whole new way of taking care of your skin. Oxygenetix merges clinically proven, medical grade skincare with high quality makeup formulas to create products that breathe new life into your skin.


Is Oxygenetix foundation water-based?
Oxygenetix uses an Aloe Vera base instead of water. This helps nourish the skin and calm irritation, plus it prevents bacteria from forming in the product.
Is Oxygenetix clean?
Oxygenetix holds a high standard of what it means to be a clean beauty brand, and uses only naturally derived ingredients and formulations in its products.
Is Oxygenetix cruelty-free?
Yes. Oxygentix is cruelty-free.
Is Oxygenetix vegan?
Oxygenetix is certified vegan.
How does Oxygenetix work?
Oxygenetix uses a patented active ingredient in its formulations called Ceravitae®, which helps the skin take in oxygen via osmosis to boost collagen and elastin production.
Is Oxygenetix clinically tested?
Oxygenetix is clinically tested by both physicians and patients.
Is Oxygenetix paraben-free?
Yes, Oxygenetix is paraben-free.
Is Oxygenetix SPF?
Some Oxygenetix products contain SPF. The packaging will specify which products contain SPF ingredients.