The OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel features micro-particles that trap the oils in your skin to reduce overall shine and redness for up to eight hours.

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OC 8 Professional Mattifying Gel (1.6 OZ.)

4.7 / 5.0
A mattifying makeup primer that reduces oil, shine, and redness.

About the Brand

OC8 is clinically proven to reduce oiliness and improve the appearance of foundation application. It should be used after your cleansing routine before your makeup application.


Is OC8 good for acne?
OC8 Mattifying Gel is non-comedogenic and is formulated to reduce oil on oily skin, making it great for acne prone and oily skin types.
Can I use OC8 every day?
Use OC8 as a primer for makeup products whenever you use makeup.
Does OC8 have active ingredients?
The active ingredients in OC8 are acrysorb and propylene glycol.
How does OC8 work?
OC8 works to trap and absorb oil in the skin to reduce the appearance of oily skin.
Is OC8 vegan?
OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel is vegan.
How do I use OC8 Mattifying Gel?
Apply OC8 Mattifying Gel before applying makeup onto your face.