Neostrata has a mission to help people by helping their skin.

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Showing 1–20 of 27 results

Neostrata Bionic Face Serum (1.0 oz)

A serum that reduces signs of aging and defends against free radicals. Try this product if you used the Neostrata Bionic Face Serum - PHA10.

About the Brand

Neostrata develops its products at the pH level that the skin absorbs most naturally. This helps the products target the building blocks of the skin, creating long-term results. The company uses technologies like glycolic acid to exfoliate away the surface layers of the skin and reveal fresh, new layers. Neostrata believes that the success of skincare begins with your specific skin type, which is why the company creates collections for unique skin types and concerns, including collections for repair, firming and more.


What does Neostrata do?
Neostrata is a line of dermatologist-grade skincare products designed to do a variety of things that will help decrease the signs of aging.
Is Neostrata good for mature skin?
Neostrata is great for mature skin, as its products are designed to help diminish the signs of aging.
Does Neostrata test on animals?
Neostrata does not test its products or ingredients on animals.
Is Neostrata packaging recyclable?
Most Neostrata packaging is recyclable.
Is Neostrata made with safe ingredients?
All ingredients used in Neostrata products are accepted globally as safe to use ingredients.
Can I use Neostrata while pregnant?
We recommend that you speak with your doctor before adding any active ingredients to your skincare routine.