Klorane provides cult-favorite advanced hair & face care products formulated with plant-based ingredients.


Showing all 4 results

Showing all 4 results

Klorane Hair Thickening Routine with Quinine & B-Vitamins (6.7 OZ.)

The Hair Thickening Routine with Quinine & B-Vitamins is your answer to thicker, stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Klorane Dry Shampoo Discovery Set

A haircare kit with convenient travel-size bottles that are ideal for on-the-go application to extend a blow-out, protect hair color or freshen up after a workout.

Klorane Revitalizing Water Sleeping Mask with Cornflower (1.6 OZ.)

Klorane Revitalizing Water Sleeping Mask with Cornflower the plant-based sleeping mask has a unique gel-cream texture to infuse the key ingredients into the skin at night, when skin is most receptive.

Klorane Hydrating Water Cream with Cornflower (1.6 OZ.)

Klorane Hydrating Water Cream with Cornflower the plant-based moisturizer is formulated with Organically Farmed Cornflower Water to soothe, soften and help visibly reduce puffiness of the skin.

About the Brand

Klorane is dedicated to protecting both plant heritage and the environment and its products are made using pure proven formulas with botanical ingredients. Each product is held to the highest European ingredient safety standards. The products are formulated to address common hair concerns with botanical ingredients.


How do I use Klorane dry shampoo?
Shake the bottle before spraying directly onto your roots. Massage the product into your scalp as you would shampoo and then style.
Is Klorane cruelty-free?
Klorane is cruelty-free.
Is Klorane fragrance-free?
Klorane products are fragranced with botanical ingredients, though some ingredients are fragrance-free and are labeled as such.
Is Klorane vegan?
Klorane is vegan.
What is the shelf life of Klorane?
Klorane will last 3 years before opening. Each product has a number on the bottle with the shelf-life after opening.
Can I use Klorane on color-treated hair?
Yes, Kloriaine can be used on color-treated hair and several products are created for color-treated hair specifically.
Can I use Klorane while pregnant or breastfeeding?
We recommend that you speak with your doctor before adding any active ingredients to your skincare or hair routine.
Is Klorane safe for all hair types?
Yes, Klorane is safe for all hair types, textures and colors.