Quasar MD was founded on the principle to deliver professional quality and medical grade LED light therapy devices that work to treat a variety of skincare concerns, including acne, wrinkles and even pain.

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Showing all 3 results

About the Brand

Quasar MD devices use red and blue light therapy to address skin concerns, and all of its products are FDA cleared, clinically proven, 100% natural and non-invasive and safe for all skin types. Red and blue LED light therapy are clinically proven to address a variety of skin concerns, from aging, wrinkled or sagging skin to even the most stubborn hormonal acne.


How does Quasar MD work?
Quasar MD uses LED light therapy to deliver results on a variety of skincare concerns.
Which Quasar MD device is best for me?
Both devices use LED therapy to treat different skin concers, blue for acne and red for wrinkles. The size of the device is for either larger areas of the body or smaller, targeted treatment areas such as the face.
How do I use the Quasar MD device?
Use the Quasar MD device for three minutes at a time (the device will turn itself off). Rotate the device in a circular motion to distribute the light therapy evenly across the surface that you wish to treat.
Can I use the Quasar MD device if I have Botox or fillers?
We recommend waiting two weeks before treating the area you recieved Botox or fillers with the Quasar MD device.
Will the Quasar MD device harm my eyes?
Some users experience discomfort if looking directly into the device, but there are no clinical studies that suggest the device may be damaging to eyes. We recommend closing your eyes during treatment.
Is LED similar to UV?
LED is not similar to UV because it does not cause skin damage through radiation.
Can I use the Quasar MD device on sensitive skin?
For those with sensitive skin, we recommend treating only two or three times per week. We also recommend you make sure to moisturize after each treatment.
How often should I use the Quasar MD device?
We recommend starting with several treatments per week and increasing as needed, up to five days per week.
Should I apply products before or after using the Quasar MD device?
We recommend applying skincare products after using the device. Be sure to wash and pat dry your face before each therapy treatment.