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Mira-Teeth Starter Kit

Mira-Teeth Starter Kit

An ultrasound toothbrush (plus brush heads and toothpaste) that deep cleans teeth and won’t cause irritation of the gums.


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Product Description

A gentler technology that yields powerful results, the Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush operates without rotating or swiveling brush heads and instead, harnesses ultrasound technology to clear out bacteria and sweep away build up through vibrations. This means gums are never irritated, especially in areas of sensitivity or where gums have already receded.

The Technology:
With 60 million gentle air oscillations per minute (aka ultrasound), the Mira-Teeth toothbrush cleans teeth more effectively than a normal toothbrush, because ultrasound reaches beyond the point where other toothbrushes clean. The ultrasound generated from the brush shaft, combined with the Mira-Teeth Toothpaste Gel, produces billions of nano-bubbles per second to safely disintegrate chains of bacteria that are found on teeth, in the mouth, on the tongue and inside gum pockets. This cleans those hard-to-reach places, like in-between teeth and deeply in gum pockets, where many bleeding and dental problems can begin.

The ultrasound technology is emitted in a cone shaped “beam“ of air with a range of approximately 2.75 inches. It is faster: As a result Mira-Teeth ultrasound fully cleanses a mouth and all teeth in only 60-90 seconds. This amount is 50% less than cleaning with an electric or sonic toothbrush.

Ultrasound increases the blood flow in the gums, which results in an increase of metabolism (aka better self-defense against gum inflammation, more oxygen, and enhanced removal of metabolism byproducts).

Contains the ultrasound toothbrush, brush heads (2 pieces), the fluoride toothpaste gel and the USB-charger cable

  • 75105
  • 24-Month Warratee
  • Irritated Gums
  • Sensitive Gums
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothbrush Heads
  • Toothpaste
  • Teeth
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Gentle Deep Cleaning
  • Thoroughly and effectively cleans teeth and gum pockets by breaking down tartar and preemptively targeting future build up Tooth Whitening Effect
  • The Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel’s formulation in combination with the Mira-Teeth device’s technology releases billions of microscopic bubbles that sweep through the enamel’s smallest crevices in order to clean away the small color particles left behind from nicotine, coffee, tea, and food Fast & Highly Efficient
  • Engineered to use Soft Ultrasound (user-safe high frequency yet low power ultrasound), the Mira-Teeth device cleans all teeth plus hard to reach interdental spaces, crevices and gum pockets in 60 – 90 seconds.


Why cleaning your teeth with Ultrasound by Mira-Teeth is superior to all other toothbrushes

1) All other toothbrushes only clean surfaces – ultrasound really cleans deeply as it is capable of penetrating soft tissue such as the gums to have an effect (e.g. reduction of inflammation)

2) All other toothbrushes require motion to clean (swipe off) bacteria using rash particles inside toothpaste – ultrasound needs NO motion at all making it the gentlest form of dental hygiene; no particles inside special toothpaste

3) All other toothbrushes clean only where the bristles reach – ultrasound reaches beyond the bristle deep into the interdental space where normally only flossing would clean

4) All other toothbrushes swipe away bacteria which survives on bristles and is brushed back on teeth the next morning – the ultrasound breaks up the bacteria membranes on teeth, in gums and of course on bristles thus sterilising the brush every time after use

5) Ultrasound stimulates blood flow in vessels which helps healing of inflammation and brings more oxygen to the gums, detox of metabolism waste products from the cells –– there is no such effect from normal toothbrushing, actually brushing irritates the gums very often

6) Mira-Teeth has a special vibration-free mode for people not wanting the sensation to gums

7) Mira-Teeth ultrasound and the special toothpaste can actually whiten teeth because of the nano bubbles formed by ultrasound in our special toothpaste –– these bubbles break away discolouration particles from coffee, nicotine, tea, wine, etc. –– daily whitening is de facto built-in your dental hygiene without any additional requirements

  • Moisten the brush head and squeeze Mira-Teeth Toothpaste Gel onto the brush head
  • Prior to turning the Ultrasound technology on, use the brush head to distribute the Ultrasound Toothpaste Gel while removing large food particles
  • Turn the Mira-Teeth Toothbrush on (When the blue light is on, the Ultrasound technology is working)
  • With the device running, hold the brush head against each surface of the teeth (inside, outside and chewing surfaces) for one-two seconds without applying pressure
  • Repeat this step until all teeth have been cleaned
  • Cleaning all teeth will take no longer than 60 – 90 seconds
  • After cleaning teeth, rinse mouth with water
  • Flush the brush head under running water before turning off
  • For best results, replace the brush head every 3 months


5 / 5 2 reviews
1 year ago
Works as promised.
2 years ago
Bruno Greber
Works really well and feels great after cleaning my teeth.
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