René Furterer created his line of hair care products with the idea that using the natural ingredients found throughout Provence, France can create a luxurious, nourishing product.


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About the Brand

René Furterer’s story takes root in Provence, France. Influenced by his grandmother, he became fascinated with botany at a very young age. Aware of the richness of flora and its fragrances, this visionary young hairdresser observed nature and a deep-seated belief was born in him: the beauty of hair, is inspired by that of plants. He understood that a head of hair flourishes from a scalp that is cared for, just as plants grow best in fertile, managed soil. He thus developed a method of scalp treatments and massages that would revolutionize hair care.


Is René Furterer all natural?
René Furterer uses high grade, natural ingredients in its formulations.
Is René Furterer cruelty-free?
René Furterer is cruelty-free.
Where is René Furterer from?
René Furterer is from Provence, France.
How long can I use René Furterer products?
We recommend using the products for at least three months to see results.
How long do René Furterer products last?
After opening, René Furterer products will last up to three years before expiration.