Glowbiotics prides themselves on creating a unique and innovative skincare range targeting skin conditions, especially those that may be harder to treat.

Showing all 8 results

Showing all 8 results

Glowbiotics Skin Perfection Hydrating Lotion (2 FL. OZ.)

A hydrating lotion that helps restore natural moisture balance.

Glowbiotics Retinol Anti-Aging + Brightening Treatment (1 FL. OZ.)

A serum that creates a smoother, firmer and brighter-looking complexion.

About the Brand

The Glowbiotics founder, a two-time cancer survivor, realized that few skincare products were formulated for those with specific skin concerns, and decided to create a line focused on the use of probiotics, also known as the "Beauty Bug." Glowbiotics focuses their products on reducing inflammation and rebalancing the skin to its natural radiance.


Is Glowbiotics medical grade?
Glowbiotics is a line of medical grade skincare products formulated with clinically proven probiotic ingredients
Are Glowbiotics products clean?
Glowbiotics is a line of clean skincare products made without parabens, mineral oils, artificial dyes, phthalates, or sulfates
Is Glowbiotics cruelty-free?
Glowbiotics is cruelty free
Is Glowbiotics vegan?
Glowbiotics is not 100% vegan
How do probiotic skincare products work?
Probiotics are cultures of good bacteria that help to nourish the skin's natural microbiome, a protective barrier of good bacteria that help keep the skin healthy and safe
If I take oral probiotics do I stil need probiotic skincare?
Probiotic skincare products can provide additional nutrition to the skin microbiome if you already take oral probiotics
Do Glowbiotics products need to be refrigerated?
Glowbiotics does not need to be refrigerated, though if you like the feeling of cooling skincare products we do recommend it
How do I use Glowbiotics products?
Apply Glowbiotics products at least once daily for best results
How do I incorporate probiotics into my skincare routine?
Glowbiotics skincare products can be used in place of other skincare products in your routine that would serve the same purpose. For example, use the Probiotic Rich Moisture Replenishing Cream in place of a moisturizer, and the Acne Clarifying Refining Treatment in place of an acne solution or serum