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The Difference Between the SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum and the New TNS Advanced+ Serum

We are so excited about SkinMedica’s newest product, their TNS Advanced+ Serum! The much anticipated launch of this next generation of TNS is extremely exciting yet comes with some questions. First and foremost, for those of you die hard TNS Essential Serum fans, this fan favorite isn’t going anywhere… at least for now. You’ll still be able to get your TNS Essential Serum and/or TNS Recovery Complex.

Next, and most importantly, what are the real differences between the TNS Essential Serum and the new TNS Advanced+? There are quite a few! It has been almost 20 years since the TNS Recovery complex was released and while that process is still a great one, the technology used to develop the Advanced+ is far more advanced.

The SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ is an entirely new product. It still has two chambers, similar to the Essential Serum, but both formulas are completely different.

In chamber one of the Advanced+ is the TNS®-MR. This next-generation growth factor blend acts on multiple levels to help get the best results for your skin. This chamber contains 450 growth factors (the TNS Recovery Complex within the Essential Serum contains 380), plus peptides. Whereas you probably associate the TNS Recovery Complex with its reddish hue and very recognizable scent, the TNS®-MR is completely colorless and odorless.

In chamber two of the Advanced+ Serum is another completely new product, the Renessensce (RSC) Advanced. Specifically designed to support the results of the growth factor blend, this highly active blend includes botanicals, marine extracts, and peptides. It still does have some antioxidants as well, but RSC Advanced no longer contains Vitamin C, as this ingredient tends to be more irritating.  TNS Advanced+ is non-comedogenic and it’s great for all skin types. Another really exciting addition to chamber two are the probiotics, which improve barrier function and skin texture.

The new revolutionary formula in the  TNS Advanced+ addresses all key aging skin concerns. Both formulas address skin rejuvenation and correct past damage. This formula, however, works on all layers of the skin and also addresses prejuvenation to actually delay the onset of skin aging. This is the first time that SkinMedica is able to claim that a product improves the appearance of sagging skin. The SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ is also clinically proven to reveal results in just 14 days, with skin that appears up to 6 years younger after 12 weeks. With this product, you will see real results after just one bottle. With the TNS Essential Serum, on the other hand, patients begin noticing visible results in 4 weeks, rather than 2, and it takes two bottles to really begin seeing the difference.

With all of these upgrades in this new, advanced formula, the price is one thing that hasn’t changed much. The TNS Essential Serum sells for $281 and the TNS Advanced+ is just $14 more, at $295.

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