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Skincare Routine in Your 30s

SkinMedica AHA/BHA Cleanser, Vivier Refreshing Toner, Obagi Professional C Serum

Life in your 30s may look a lot different than your 20s, or it may not have changed much. Whether you’re settling into a career you love or starting a family, taking care of yourself is essential. As we grow up, it can become more and more difficult to prioritize ourselves; setting aside some time for a skincare routine for yourself is a great start. Whether or not you’ve had an established skincare routine in the past, your 30s present an optimal time to get a head start on your anti-aging efforts, in addition to protecting your skin health. While you may not have started to see any signs of aging in your skin at this point, it’s never too early to start protecting your skin against aging. For others, you may begin to see changes in your skin as you hit your 30s, whether that’s sun damage, post-acne scars or simply a case of dry skin.

Like your 20s, your skincare routine in your 30s doesn’t have to take hours to complete. The important thing is to focus on steps and products that your skin needs. Below you’ll find a sample outline of a skincare routine for your 30s, as well as products recommended for this age range.

Cleanser: No matter what age you are, cleansing your skin is non-negotiable. Cleansing is the step that washes away dirt, excess oil, makeup, pollution and anything else that your skin may have faced throughout the day. Keeping your skin cleansed is so important for maintaining a healthy skin barrier and prepping your skin for treatments or masks. In your 30s, you will likely want to add in exfoliation to your routine. The SkinMedica AHA BHA Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin while chemically exfoliating with alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids to increase the rate of cell turnover and keep your skin fresh and smooth.

Toner: You may have heard that toner isn’t always an essential step in a skincare routine. While it’s not as essential as something like a cleanser, toners can still provide great benefits to those looking to improve the texture of their skin, balance the pH on their skin or for an extra deep clean. Toners can be an effective step for those with clogged pores, excess oil or those in need of a quick hit of hydration after cleansing. The Vivier Refreshing Toner is a gentle, alcohol free toner that uses witch hazel extract, citric acid and antioxidants to deep clean pores without stripping the skin.

Treatment/Serum: Like your 20s, you might face a variety of different skin concerns in your 30s, or some concerns might be starting to become more prominent, like aging, hyperpigmentation or dark spots. A serum provides a way to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients that can help treat skin concerns, like the Obagi Professional C Serum. This is a high concentration Vitamin C serum, with 15% Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C is an ingredient known to brighten the skin, fade dark spots, improve skin texture and protect the skin against visible signs of aging.

Moisturizer: Moisturizer- whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or combination, it’s an essential step in any skincare routine. Your skin loses moisture throughout the day, and it’s important to give some of that moisture back, especially after cleansing and as your skin prepares to heal itself as you sleep. The La Roche Posay TOLERIANE Double Repair Moisturizer UV is also a great moisturizer for morning use, as it contains Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to not only moisture and soothe the skin, but provide daily protection against the sun and reduce redness with ceramides, niacinamide and glycerin.

Eye Cream: Whether or not you’re getting less sleep due to a family or challenging job, or you’re getting 8 full hours, you might start to experience dark circles and signs of aging in the area around your eyes. This area is one of the most delicate on your face, and requires some extra TLC to prevent against wrinkles and dryness. For example, the Avene Refreshing Eye Contour Care is a low-cost but effective gentle eye cream with antioxidants that helps to get rid of dark circles and other signs of fatigue, as well as prevent against further aging.

Mask: If you’re looking to give yourself some extra love during the week, adding in a mask that treats your specific skincare concerns can be a great step to add to your routine. For example, if your pores are feeling clogged or congested, the ClarityRx Rehab Mask clarifies your skin by sucking out impurities and cleaning out your pores without stripping your skin.

Sunscreen: Last but definitely not least-sunscreen. This is a step for your morning routine, but it’s up there for one of the most important steps. Especially as you hit your 30s, protecting your skin against the sun and its harsh rays is essential, especially if you’re looking to prevent signs of aging. The SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair SPF 34 is formulated for all skin types to reduce exposure to the sun. This product is unique in that it also addresses signs of aging.

No matter where you’re at in your life, taking care of yourself is a priority, and this includes your skin. Give yourself 10-15 minutes every morning and night to create a routine for yourself and watch your skin transform.



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